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Film production with a new approach - to break out of formulaic media and tell the stories from a new perspective. Observers Studio intends to shine the spotlight on the stories of people and nature that are hiding in plain sight. The kind of stories whose sum will add to the whole. Founded by Dheeraj Aithal and Bhargav Sandhilaya, bringing together the experience of movie making and documenting stories that matter.

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Dheeraj Aithal


Dheeraj Aithal is a 2021 National Geographic Explorer and documentary filmmaker who is passionate about involving the latest technology in documentary filming to create content appealing to one and all. Dheeraj has worked on projects across the country for production houses like Nat Geo Wild, Smithsonian Channel, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel. As an aerial cinematographer he has been involved with brands like Infosys, Toyota Kirloskar, Karnataka Tourism, One Plus India and many more.


He co-directed the documentary ‘The Last Hop(e)’ which deals with frog conservation in the Western Ghats. A contracted filmmaker for the UNDP in India, he is keen on pushing the envelopes to achieve meaningful cinema in the fields of wildlife, social change and environmental preservation.

Bhargav Shandilya

Bhargav Shandilya is an independent storyteller who uses a variety of visual media to enhance his narratives. Having grown up partly in the temple village of Shantigrama and then in the bustling city of Bengaluru, his stories revolve around people, culture and the vagaries of everyday life they face. Over the years, his work has taken him across the length and breadth of the country exploring the diversity in stories revolving around people.

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